My attempt at jumping back on the health wagon

Posted: January 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

Like most people out there, I have New Year’s resolutions. This year in particular, my resolution was to finally try a cleanse/detox program in order to jump back on the health wagon. 

Admittedly, a big reason for my cleansing decision was to give myself a kick-start back into healthy eating and simply not to just “detoxify.” Maybe that is not the best reason, but somebody told me honesty is the best policy so what the hey?! Therefore, please forgive me if the rest of this article seems to intertwine the whole dieting/detoxing idea.

Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus, and New Year’s my food choices have been sub-par to say the least. If those were the only days that  I let myself go, I would still be doing ok, but my life since then has become one giant cheat meal. Therefore, drastic measures had to be taken.(cue the scary music)

As I started researching cleanses or detox programs, I had one rule: I will not starve myself. We have all seen those cleanses that consist of water, honey, cayenne pepper or like two shakes a day for two weeks and no real food. While these may help the body cleanse and help people lose weight, it just seems a little over the top for me and quite frankly not my cup of tea (although this is the only form of caffeine I am allowed to have, #godimisscoffee!!!)  <——— yep that’s a hashtag

I think part of that comes from when I was in upstate New York in chiropractic school and a bunch of my classmates decided to cleanse. They were doing the two shake per day cleanse with little to nothing else. And, while they all claimed to “feel great” I have to say, they looked less than stellar.Yes, it could have been the combination of 1)no sunshine in upstate ny for about 8 months 2) the fact that they were all working on 4 hours of sleep while studying for exams and 3)they were living in upstate ny (did I mention that already?) but honestly they just did not look healthy to me.

Because of this, I really wanted to find a program that allowed me to eat a normal sustainable amount of organic fruits, veggies, and lean proteins while also “cleansing” with fiber, probiotic etc. Better yet, I wanted a program of which I could continue with the healthy eating program even when the actual cleansing process was over. I wanted something that I was going to invest time and money in to make it worth my while.

I know what many of you might be thinking. Justin, why don’t you just take fiber and eat healthy? That would probably save you some money rather than wasting it on a fancy cleansing kit. Trust me, I thought of that. However, if I was being honest with myself, I knew that it would not work. If nothing else, I needed a built-in excuse. I needed to be able to say, “I can’t eat that, I’m on a cleanse.” Rather than, “Eh, one slice of pizza won’t kill me.”

Also, I NEEDED to invest money into this because just telling myself to eat healthy was not going to work. Now that I have something invested, I have a greater incentive to follow and take care of my body. It’s kind of like those guys who park their fancy cars in the corner of the parking lot (I hate this) so god-forbid anyone sneeze on the bumper and leave a dent while the guy with the ’92 Chevy takes up two parking spots and really doesn’t care if somebody takes a bat to the side view mirror. The guy with the fancy car invested a lot of money and therefore is taking better care of his investment.

So in review:

1) I fell off the healthy eating wagon.

2) I decided to try a cleanse program in which I would not starve myself.

3) I used a hashtag while not on Twitter.

4) I needed a built-in excuse so I could not be guilted into eating pizza.

5) I invested money into my diet/detox therefore making myself more accountable to follow.

6) And, don’t be that guy that parks your Beamer in the corner of the lot because I really hate that.

Thank you for reading! Have a great day!

  1. Meghan G says:

    i found a typo in your article. i believe you meant to say “central New York” and not “upstate.” you are welcome. And I am currently on 1 of those cleanses that you don’t have to starve yourself on : )

  2. 1)north of westchester=upstate (SUNY upstate is in Syracuse)
    2)which cleanse?

    • Meghan G says:

      1.) that’s a myth that people from Jersey and NYC came up with

      2.) It’s a research study at NYCC right now, but it is through Beach Body and should be out on the market soon. The meal portions are decent but the taste is progressively getting worse. I guess that should be expected, though.

  3. […] My attempt at jumping back on the health wagon […]

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