5 Reasons You Need to Download the Pull-Up Manifesto

Posted: January 24, 2012 in Uncategorized
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My good friend Todd Bumgardner has recently released his first ever e-book. I can tell you first hand that Todd has been working on this for almost a year now. As someone who has just started a blog, I can’t even imagine the work that went in to writing a freakin’ book. One blog post a week is hard enough! 

Let me give you 5 good reasons why you may want to go over to his site and check it out:

1) For any of you out there who are sick and tired of the same old boring workouts, the Pull-Up Manifesto has more Pull-Up variations and  challenges than anyone could ever imagine. In fact, I dare you to find anything on the internet that is a more complete guide to any single exercise!

2) As Todd will tell you in the e-book, the Pull-Up is the most useful upper body exercise on the planet. You might as well learn why! Todd not only gives exercises, but gives rationale behind them in a manner than people can comprehend.

3) The Pull-Up Manifesto is FREE!!!!!! If you are anything like me, you are probably saying, “Here is another guy on the internet trying to sell me something.” Not so fast!!! You read it correctly, the Pull-Up Manifesto is free to download here at BeyondStrengthPerformance.com . All you need to do is sign up for free email updates from the guys at BSP and the e-book will be there for you to download! 

4) Did I mention it was free?!?

5) Yep, its’s still free.

  1. Todd says:

    Thanks, Justin!

  2. brutalstrength says:

    Thank you for the article!

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