Things I think (Thanks Peter King!!)

Posted: February 6, 2012 in Random
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As the title indicates, I stole this idea from Peter King of Sports Illustrated. So thank you, Mr. King. And on that note… In what I hope to be a somewhat regular topic title, I’m going to share some things I think (because I know everyone cares soooo much :))

1) I think the further I am removed from competitive athletics, the more I appreciate things like marathon and triathlon training because these events keep competitors with a specific goal in mind. People in general are competitive and goal oriented. Moreover, people always look to work towards something. That something may be a marathon or it may be simply looking good for an upcoming vacation. As (former) athletes like myself get out of college and move on with our lives, we often still have  an ‘itch’ to be competitive (or at least have something to occupy brain power that is not part of work). I really do enjoy training and doing athletic things, but I have to admit, it still becomes a grind for me to stay consistently motivated in the gym. Without a specific event to work towards, I really have to dig deep sometimes to avoid simply going through the motions of a workout.

2) I think positive reinforcement is one of the nicest and helpful things you can do for someone else. Quite frankly, I believe it can be the best motivational tools out there. This blog is a perfect example. I started writing because well, I thought I had something to say that could be useful to others. Add that to the fact that I can formulate a sentence, and it seemed like a winning formula.

Sorry, I couldn't help myself

All Charlie Sheen references aside (although Major League II was a classic), after I started writing and posting blogs I began to get texts and comments that were extremely positive. This made me think that maybe I don’t totally suck and gave me motivation to continue to write and come up with (hopefully) useful content. Human nature naturally makes us doubt ourselves and abilities. Sometimes, positive feedback from an outside source makes us realize that what we are doing is adding something positive to our small portion of the world that we live.

3) I think it is amazing how beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. I’m not really talking about omg-she-is-so-hot vs omg-she-is-so-ugly type of beauty. I’m more so talking about how two people who seemingly go through the exact same experience have completely different takes on it. A great example is a high pressure experience like giving a presentation to co-workers. For some this is a great learning experience, a situation where they recognize the challenge and make the most of  it. For others, it’s just a total nuisance. All they can think about is how nervous they are and can not wait to get it over. When it is finally over, they are so relieved that they did not recognize what was just accomplished and learned nothing from the experience. In life, we are always going to have situations that make us nervous or uncomfortable. I think the more we can view hard/uncomfortable situations as learning experiences, the better person we will become.

4) I think the day after the Super Bowl should really become some sort of national holiday. Let’s be honest here people, the production level at the workplace right now as I write this is somewhere between atrocious and non-existent. We should just cut our losses and give everyone the day to recover from their food coma!


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