Some Monday Randomness…

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

1. We had quite the eventful weekend here in Long Island/ Connecticut with National Boards taking over as our prime focus. I am glad that they are over (for a few months at least) so I can turn my attention to some more important things like my golf swing, March Madness, and basically anything not involving studying chest, heart, and lung sounds. A few quick stories from the weekend…

  • We were about halfway (one hour) from our house in Long Island to Connecticut when my roommate realized he brought zero forms of I.D. with him for the weekend. After determining that punching the check-in lady in the face and then running into his exam seat probably wasn’t the best idea, I turned the car around and drove back to the house and then back to Connecticut again. Luckily,we left enough time so we were still plenty early for the test. The entire ride I was certainly thinking how I was going to explain missing that exam to my parents. “Um, Mom yea sooooo I won’t really be able to work anytime soon because I didn’t actually take the test today.” That would have went over REALLY well.
  • This previous September,we also had National Boards in Connecticut like we did this past weekend. Just as our luck would have it there happened to be a biker convention that weekend at the same hotel. If revving their collective engines at 3 am wasn’t enough, they luckily broke the monotony with a full on Nick Cannon-esq drumline performance in the hotel parking lot until the sun came up the next morning. Luckily for us, even with our lack of sleep all four of us still passed the test. 

For this trip, I took it upon myself to book the hotel and did an excellent job if I do say so myself. It was clean and quiet and they even had complimentary breakfast! I thought we were in the clear. Great sleep ALL weekend. Boy, was I wrong. Saturday night before our test, I fell asleep around 11:30 pm, peacefully. Around 2:30 am I was awakened by possibly the worst and most annoying sound in the entire world. If I were Superman, this would be my kryptonite. Fire alarm? Nope. Car Horn? Negative. Snoring? OMG the worst snoring I have ever heard. Honestly, I’m pretty sure I saw the wallpaper peeling off the walls. Two of my roommates (who remain nameless) and dear friends were in complete symphony. Instead of the typical one person snoring where a person snores-deep breath out-snores-deep breath out, the two of them had it so their breathing patterns opposed one another. It went something like this: snore-snore-snore-snore. I woke up in pure fight or flight mode. I was either going to elbow drop both of them or leave the room. I left the room. So, at 2:30 am I went down to the hotel lobby and did what any normal person would do the night before National Board Exams…read reseach articles. Finally, about an hour later, I ventured back up to the room and somehow caught a 15 minute window in which the snoring ended and got a few more hours of shut-eye. Luckily, my lack of sleep is nothing that chugging two cups of coffee couldn’t handle and I think the test went well for all of us. Cross my fingers.

2. With March Madness in full force and no team that I root for in the field like usual (Rutgers, Seton Hall), I often find myself rooting for whichever team is the lowest seed. It’s fun to watch guys who aren’t All-World recruits hang with the best players in the country. So far, the one who stood out the most for me was C.J McCollum of Lehigh University. This guy can flat-out play, I don’t care what league he plays in.

After doing some research, I found that C.J. was actually the Ohio Player of the Year in 2009 in his Senior year of high school. However, he was 5’6 going into his junior year of high school and did not reach 6’3 until he actually got to college. It’s just amazing that he did not receive one scholarship to any college and now will probably get drafted into the NBA.

3. Finally, I came downstairs yesterday after unpacking my bag from our Boards weekend and was greeted with my roommate playing something I had never heard before in my life. It is called “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)” and please take the seven minutes to watch this clip. You certainly won’t regret it.  


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