Some Monday Randomness…

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

1) I just got back from a great weekend in Auburn, Massachusetts where I attended a FAKTR seminar. For those curious, FAKTR stands for Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehab.

It was led by Dr. Greg Doerr, a soft tissue savant and taping wizard. Someone once actually told me he is a ‘Chiropractic God’. I tend to agree. Add this to the fact that he is from New Jersey and you may just have the perfect fist-pumper  human being. (See what I did there?)

It would have been very easy to leave this weekend totally overwhelmed and feeling dumber than when I got there. Luckily, I have rationalized my thinking in the past, and actually left feeling really good. Now, I just need to sit down and figure out exactly how this will fit into my arsenal of tools (this will probably take like 50 years) and we will be all set!

Add all the above good news to the fact that Dr. Doerr has been gracious enough to allow me to do a clinical externship with him, and I’m feeling even better! Oh wait, I have National Boards in two weeks, I don’t feel so good anymore.

2) Big shout out to Ben Bruno who was gracious enough to include my last article in his “Good Reads” blog post this past Friday. I don’t know Ben personally, but I connected with him a few months back. How did I do it?

I was reading online one day and thought to myself, “This guy is good!” I then sent him an email saying just that, and I guess the rest is history? In all seriousness, it is very nice for a someone to think highly enough of your work to include it on their page. Ben is a young guy doing great things and if you have not heard of him, you are certainly behind the curve!

3) I received a message yesterday from a fellow student who is a few semesters below me at NYCC…

Hey Justin, I have been reading some of your articles and I can honestly say I really enjoy them. You have kind of inspired me to start writing myself in order to build my brand like you have. I’m sure it is going to take a lot of practice. I was also going to ask, if you had any ideas where I could start looking for some good sources….. Thank you for any insight that you have

All I can say is ‘Wow.’ AND I feel like Donald Trump if I am actually building a brand(this was never my intent). What’s next, a golf course? Maybe a clothing line?

sweet hair bro

But seriously, I’m not sure if there is anything better than having someone take the time to write that. It is honestly a great feeling when I can help someone (especially a fellow student) and actually inspire them.

4) For those of you who wait by your computer nervously, hoping and praying on my next post… I may be studying for my (hopefully) final National Board exam for the next two weeks, so I can’t promise any posts. However, I will do my best!!

That is all.

Have a great day!


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