Create an Experience, Correct Movement, Get Stronger

Posted: October 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Since it’s October and I haven’t done a random article in a few months (see what I did there, it’s random and no correlation between October and a random article??) I figured it would be a good time to post a few thoughts that seemingly have nothing to do with one another.

1) As someone who is unbelievably new into practice, I think one thing that resonates with me is the idea of creating an ‘experience’ for a patient rather than just a treatment or treatment plan. Obviously, school can teach us technique, but that is not the entire story. In the simplest of terms, our patients (or clients) need to like us and they should get something more than simply an adjustment and soft tissue treatment when they come to the office.

Here is an experiment: Go ask a family member who is the best doctor they know. Once they give you a name, ask them why. I would bet one of the first few attributes that comes out of their mouth is, “He is a really nice guy and he cares.” Rarely will you hear, “I love him because his shoulder stability tape job is awesome.” (Funny that my last post was about a shoulder stability tape job)

Honestly, I have shadowed almost 20 doctors. In my opinion all of them were not fantastic clinicians. BUT, the ones who were successful were all genuinely nice people who their patient’s loved. They took the time to educate their patient’s, asked about their lives, remembered small details about the personal life, and smiled. ALOT.

There is something to be said about that.

2) I got an email a few days ago from a friend/colleague asking for some advice about his younger brother concerning a training program. He said his brother is a really good up and coming basketball player with a desire to play at the next level and was wondering what type of training and or supplementation he should use.

Here is what I told him:

I think the key to whatever you want to do in athletics is all based on proper, healthy movement patterns and also simply getting strong. Before speed and agility, if it were my athlete, I want to make sure he knows how to hip hinge with weight (deadlift), do a real pushup and pull up. You show me an athlete that can do all those things, I bet he is also one of the fastest and most athletic. If you think about what speed and agility really is, it’s simply force production off of the ground. This is on the basis of strength, all of it.
As far as protein supplements… I wouldn’t start with it, although a good, high quality protein is certainly not a problem.
(about the supplements)… It should be just that, a supplement. I would start with a rough idea of what he is eating everyday. I would guess, his protein from whole foods is pretty low and he can increase size and strength just by eating more. Most kids that are “hard gainers” simply don’t understand how much and how often they need to eat. Sometimes it’s downright uncomfortable and a pain in the ass but that’s what it takes.

I also referred him to this fantastic article from Eric Cressey, Make My Kid Run Faster. Much of what I told him, I learned from this article, so it may be best going right to the source.

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