Oh Sandy…

Posted: November 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

As most of you know, I reside in the great state of New Jersey which was recently ravaged by Hurricane Sandy.

Just to give a quick update:

Myself and family are safe and sound and have no serious property damage to report. A week later, we are still without power but lucky enough to have neighbors who have invited us into their home. Today (Monday) is the first day I am back to work and treating patients.

Many others are not so fortunate. Some have a house but no heat, while others literally have nothing as Sandy washed away much in its path of destruction. Most of you already know this, as I have been told our state has made national and international headlines of late. It is a bit of surreal feeling when you live through something but because of the circumstance, the people outside the community have more access to what happened than you do. Other than the local newspaper, and a less than stellar 3G connection from my phone, I have not really seen the true damage that occurred predominantly down the Jersey Shore. As I write this at the office, I am experiencing my first internet connection in over a week.

Again, I am super fortunate to have come through this ok, but as someone whose family has lost everything in the past (a house fire) I guess maybe it hits a little closer to home.

Much of what we in New Jersey have grown up with, may never be the same. Vacation spots at the beach may be merely just a memory now. In fact, some of you may have read this post I wrote this past summer. The video in this shot was taken at the Belmar boardwalk. From what I hear, the boardwalk is no longer standing.

The truth however is that for me these are just memories. For many, what was lost was a livelihood, a lifetime of savings, or a home. Worse, some people lost their lives.

All this does is offer us a little perspective.

That gas line I had to stand in for 3 hours? Not a big deal.

The extra long commute many of us now face because of the storm? Not so bad.

No cable tv or internet for a while? We should probably do that more often. (by choice)

Finally, I just want to thank all of my friends who have been consistantly checking in on me and my family. Having good friends is…. good!


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