Supreme Strength, Weight Cuts, Abnormal Athletic Demand

Posted: November 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

1) This past weekend I had a chance to connect with some old friends for a day of learning courtesy of the guys behind the Supreme Strength program.

Specifically, John Gaglione and Todd Bumgardner were the gentleman presenting this event. Furthermore, I was humbled to be able to help out, offer an opinion, and answer questions from some of the coaches and trainers in attendance.

One of the many highlights of the day was when Coach Chris Merritt (Todd’s business partner) began talking about his experience working with MMA athletes. Coach Chris has carved a niche in this arena and does a damn good job. You all may be familiar with his star athlete, Dustin “The Disciple” Pague who fights in the UFC and was also casted for the reality series The Ultimate Fighter. What people seem to get a kick out of (myself included) is when Coach Chris talks about some of the weight cuts and experiences he and his athletes must go through in order to fight. Just to give you a brief idea, many UFC athletes walk around and train 30-40 lbs heavier than the listed fighting weight. And just using Dustin as an example, if you have seen videos of his training, you see he is in no way fat or remotely out of shape during any of his training. This truly is an unbelievable and un-natural thing to do but something that is accepted and expected within the sport.

All this leads me to my next point…

2) Last night I was listening to a podcast put together by the gentleman of  in which they interviewed one of my former professors, Dr. Russ Ebbets. The topic was Sports Chiropractic, however much of the discussion is relevant to anyone who deals with athletes in any capacity.

One of the main things that Dr. Ebbets preached (in school and within this podcast) is the idea that training to be a world-class athlete is not and should not be considered ‘normal’ human physiology. Whether it is running 26.2 miles or getting in the octagon with someone whose intention is to snap off your elbow, we as exercise or health care providers must realize the demand on these athletes is above and beyond what our general population of clients must be able to withstand and accomplish.

Have a great week everyone!


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