Active Staight Leg Raise and Toe Touch Solutions

Posted: November 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

As I spoke about earlier in the week, I have been finding some pretty interesting things involving the FMS Active Straight Leg Raise (ASLR) and the SFMA Multi-Segmental Flexion (MSF), particularly as they involved headache patients.

Today I wanted to share some corrective exercise solutions as well as an observation or two:

The first comes from Dr. Jeff Cubos. This is Supported Leg Lowering,  generally the go-to for a Mobility Restriction:

One thing that I have found to be helpful with this exercise upon initiation is to physically act as the support at least to start. For a visual aid, this means that in the above video, I would take place of the chair. What I have found is that by acting as the support to start, I can feel how easy or hard the patient is working to simply lift the opposite leg. Specifically, the supported leg will push down into the support in order lift the opposite leg. A finding like this may lead you into looking further into core efficiency and/or hip flexor weakness.

In this video, Phil Plisky uses a core activation technique along with a Gray Cook band for Leg Lowering Progressions. This is for both a mobility/stability fix.

Finally, here is a demonstration of Unsupported Leg Lowering, again courtesy of Dr. Jeff Cubos. This is primarily used for a stability fix.

Hope you all find this video helpful!

  1. Peyton Manning says:


    What do you think about addressing hip extension through the 4×4 as a means of correcting ASLR?

    • Hey Peyton,
      great game last week. Glad to see that neck is doing well.I think it is certainly valid. Alot of people (you are probably not one of them since you asked this question) forget to look at the down side leg of on the ASLR which would be more of the hip extension component. The abitiy to separate the hip flexion with opposite side hip extension is huge and can certainly be a component.

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