Thoughts from ’12 to make ’13 BETTER

Posted: January 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

I’m a little late to the party, but there is never a bad time to share a few more lessons from 2012…

1) Show by doing, not by saying– I think we are all guilty of this is one way or another. We all have grandiose plans that are harboured in that bizarre place we call our minds, yet living it out is a different story. I know personally, I am guilty of this just like the next guy. Whether it’s a treatment plan that I want to try, or a business venture that I should explore, the thought vs the action are two totally different steps. Rather than saying you are committed or that you will change, show it. Or as the E-Myth states,

The difference between creativity and innovation is action

2) The plan is only as important as the action that follows This is the same idea as #1. Or, as Dan John would say,

The details matter far less than the violent application of the plan

In order to take action steps, we must first have a plan of attack. BUT, be warned that if the plan is too complicated, it will be impossible to act on, and usually nothing will get done. Rather than spend so much time articulating a complicated and hard to complete idea, plan something simple and act on it.

3) Everyone should report to SOMEONE– I truly feel the most lethal situation for some people is being their own boss. Whether it is an internet business, a training business, or even a personal workout program, having nobody to report to is often a huge problem. Like it or not, deadlines and consequences are great motivators for all of us. Find people you can report to who will hold you accountable.

Obviously, many do in fact work for themselves. I’m not saying sell your business, but I am saying set up your systems so that you are accountable to someone other than yourself.

4) Criticism is a gift, treat it that way– For most of us, when faced with critique,  we get defensive and immediately brush off what was said. Instead, take everything said to heart, evaluate and process it, then make the decision if the critique is valid and if changes needs to be made. Rather than thinking of criticism as a curse, take it as a second chance or  a Do over to Do better.

5) A little fear goes a long way- Fear is a great motivator. Waking up every morning with a bit of trepidation that you may fail is not the worst thing in the world. As an athlete, when I felt like I wanted to sit at home and watch tv, that little bit of fear that an opponent was out- working me, got me off of the couch and to the gym. The same applies to business and work. The idea that someone out there is working harder at their craft than I am is a scary  thought and something that goes a long way as I try to always push to be better.


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